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SINCE 1890



From Pedregulho, a city in the countryside of the State of São Paulo located in Alta Mogiana Region, coffee production is extremely favored due to altitude, climate and temperature. It is famous for having one of the finest terroirs for the production of specialty coffees.

Cutting-edge field technology and the best agricultural practices guarantee the cultivation of high quality coffee varieties. With selective, manual and mechanical harvesting, O’Coffee has a modern milling center to prepare 8 different coffees – including various natural, pulped natural (honey process), fully washed, microlots and blends, marketed and tasted by the most demanding consumers around the world.


Direct trade on a transparent, ethical and professional approach;

8 different coffees and custom-made blends – microlots, natural, pulped natural (honey process), fully washed;
Seven farms with seven million coffee trees among Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Catucaí, Acaiá and Icatú varieties;
Precision agriculture, high-tech field equipment producing on average 35,000 bags per season;

Altitude – 1,000 meters on average;

40,000m² of sun drying area, parabolic drying patio and African beds;

Milling infrastructure fully equipped for the preparation of specialty coffee;

New bags technology: Paper, jute and polypropylene, with internal liner with high barrier. 

Marketing support: audiovisual materials supply.



The history of O'Coffee begins when Giusepe and Vicente Quercia came from Italy to Brazil in 1890 looking for a better life and work. In addition to building churches in the interior of São Paulo, the architect Giuseppe and his son Vicente were full of dreams and determined to begin the cultivation of a small coffee plantation in Brodowski.


Orestes Quercia is born, in the small town of Igaçaba, next to Pedregulho, almost 500 kilometers from São Paulo. He is the second of three sons of Octavio, and his mother Isaura.


Since a boy, Orestes used to frequent the family farms. He has always loved horses and had as his favorite business the coffee culture and farming production, a passion inherited of his father, Octavio. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he begins to dedicate more and more to the farm business, and gradually expands his coffee production in Pedregulho.


A great mark for Orestes, who builds an iconic cafeteria in honor of his father. Comes up, on the modern Faria Lima Avenue, the biggest coffee shop in Latin America, Octavio Café, supplied by products cultivated and roasted from the six coffee farms in Pedregulho.


O'Coffee becomes one of the most prominent coffee projects in Brazil, with quality awards, high-tech field operations, diverse coffee profiles and clients in more than 15 countries.


With the family’s approach to the coffee culture, Octavio's predecessors expand the production at Monte Alto Farm, located in front of Chapadão railway station - the main outflow to coffee and other crops from Alta Mogiana to the Port of Santos.


Octavio Quercia, savvy of nature, continues the expansion of coffee activity with acquisitions in Pedregulho. There, over a thousand meters above sea level, the region offers ideal terroir for specialty coffees cultivation. The combination of climate, soil fertility and altitude are the main characteristics of Alta Mogiana, a region where the coffee production is known among the best in the world.


The farms are certified according to Rainforest Alliance codes regarding environmental preservation, social integration and professional farm management.


O’Coffee brand is created, starting the specialty coffee exports with clients around the world.

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