The processing methods will dictate the final cup profile of the coffee varieties. During the production, it is crucial to look for the processing method that best fits with each variety, highlighting their best features. Learn more about them:


The cherry ripens on the tree until it turns to black and concentrate the intensity of its features. Then, it is harvested and dried under the sun. This process keeps body and sweetness more intense.


Cherry is harvested when ripen (red or yellow) and the husk is removed on the wet milling process, keeping the mucilage and parchment, which smooths the flavor and aroma.


Starts as the pulped natural process, but the husk is removed and the cherries are fermented on a tank with water for 24 hours, removing the mucilage, what reduces body and increases acidity and fruity level.

The combination of varieties and processing methods results on 14 different coffees with diverse profiles. Part of the line are exclusive made from a specific coffee variety and the others are named as Brazilian precious stones, as a tribute to the country.


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